Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Erlang Sucks - by Damien Katz

Found another interesting read why Erlang sucks. This post is not to create some sort of flame war and the end result is crucifying Damien but rather his post is a rather insightful look into the annoying part of Erlang that most Erlang developers must have seen (me including) and felt.

Examples of what i thought was good was his
* comparison of "if" and "case" in Erlang
* Erlang's concept of strings (Which is a real irritance personally to me)
* Erlang's concept of records which is super similar to C's struct (Another irritance but you can get the hang of it...after a while)
* Absolutely love Damien's take of exit(...) and his comments on hara-kiri (Really hilarious)
* I share Damien's criticisms on Erlang's documentation of the libraries

Overall, its a very honest look into the weaknesses of Erlang as a whole and there's more can form your own opinions about the language though.

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